Beck Beverage, Movement Teacher Formerly Sweet Momentum Fitness / Currently Transembodimentproject

Embodiment Coaching

Embodiment coaching is for anyone who wants "come home" to their body. I work with people of all genders, body-types, backgrounds, and interests. Together, we can co-create a movement practice that will connect you to your body and the present moment, using a combination of evidence based somatics, creative practices, functional fitness, and more.

Functional Fitness Training

Information about functional fitness programming coming soon

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Transembodiment Project

Check out my multimedia practice journal and art project @transembodimentproject on instagram.


Moving for Resilience

Hey Everybody! Somehow it’s July and it has been way too long since our last articleThe team and I are hanging in. We’re seeing so many beloved local businesses close and as we mourn those losses, we feel so blessed that our community is still in tact after four months of uncertainty. We are so grateful for your support.Needless to say, we are in a period of great change. It seems as though every week comes with new monumental shifts. New…

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