Move, Feel, Create, Explore Including the tough stuff

What is it like to be you right now, in this moment? We spend so much energy trying to be different or change our future selves. Instead, try exploring who you already are, including the sticky and uncomfortable stuff.

I see myself as a resource to aid your process and be with you, as opposed to someone who can "fix" or "heal" you.

My approach to embodiment coaching combines evidence based somatics, creative practices, functional fitness, sensory explorations, anti-oppression practices, and more. That means, time together can involve things like moving in different ways, playing games, talking, exploring, and learning together.

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The first step is an initial, 30 minute conversation. We'll talk about you and what you hope to get out of our time together. If it seems like a good fit, we'll get started. If not, I can help you find clarity around your next step or connect you with the right person.

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What is @transembodimentproject?

@transembodimentproject is my practice portfolio. Ideas, images, and offerings from my own experience as a teacher, artist, and movement practitioner. Many of the images and videos are in collaboration with Cai Indermaur. Why transembodiment? The term “embodiment” gets thrown around a lot in the movement world, often as a perceived destination, or a goal. In some circles, it’s almost synonymous with enlightenment. To me, it’s not that cut and dry.I believe that we are always embodied, in that, embodiment is…

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