Move, Feel, Create, Explore movement-practice

Let’s collaborate to create a movement or creative practice that meets you exactly where you are, right now.

My approach to movement and embodiment coaching combines evidence based somatics, nature and forest therapy principles, creative practices (art), functional fitness, the science of neuroplasticity, sensory explorations, anti-oppression practices, and more.

That means, time together can involve things like moving in different ways, talking, and learning together.

I see myself as someone who can aid your process as opposed to someone who can “fix” or heal you.

Beginner-centered and highly adaptable.

tools of the trade

The body itself. Sensing, feeling, breathing, sitting, laying, standing, rolling, rocking, crawling, lifting, creating, cohabitating, and more.

"Odd objects", tools that mimic things we might pick up outside of this practice time. Sandbags, kettlebells, pillows/bolsters, resistance bands, soft balls of varying sizes and weight, boxes, and more.

Brain teasers. Foundational juggling, steel clubs, movement games, balance/stability activities, and more.

Art Supplies. Bring your own or use mine.

Schedule your First Session

Interested in working together?

I offer three flexible session types: Movement or Creative practice, Consulting/Mentorship, and Movement Planning/Programming

Schedule your first session today. If it's not a good fit, I'm happy to help you find your next step or connect you with someone who can.

We can work together at my home studio in Portland, OR or meet virtually.

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What is @transembodimentproject?

@transembodimentproject is my practice portfolio. Ideas, images, and offerings from my own experience as a teacher, artist, and movement practitioner. Many of the images and videos are in collaboration with Cai Indermaur. Why transembodiment? The term “embodiment” gets thrown around a lot in the movement world, often as a perceived destination, or a goal. In some circles, it’s almost synonymous with enlightenment. To me, it’s not that cut and dry.I believe that we are always embodied, in that, embodiment is…

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