What is @transembodimentproject?

@transembodimentproject is my practice portfolio. Ideas, images, and offerings from my own experience as a teacher, artist, and movement practitioner. Many of the images and videos are in collaboration with Cai Indermaur.

Why transembodiment?

The term “embodiment” gets thrown around a lot in the movement world, often as a perceived destination, or a goal. In some circles, it’s almost synonymous with enlightenment. To me, it’s not that cut and dry.

I believe that we are always embodied, in that, embodiment is the process of a lifetime. Consciousness, on this plane of reality (if you believe in more than one), is tethered to a body. We are always moving into new ways of being and relating to the world. In fact, the way we interpret the world is always, inherently informed by the body’s response first. Actually, this interpretation, at its’ most basic level, happens in the spinal cord before it reaches the brainstem. That means, the body responds to our circumstances in ways we fundamentally cannot control, no matter how much we try.

Transembodiment is a term I came up with in attempt to better describe embodiment as a process instead of an objective. Trans, as in liminal. Trans, as in transitory. Trans, as in moving from one way of being to another (and another, and another).

Transembodiment is awareness that ebbs and flows. Interoception and exteroception, interior and exterior worlds always in conversation. Balancing and rebalancing; a dynamic center. Transembodiment is for everyone. Accessible for everyone. It acknowledges that even the feeling of nothing is an experience in and of itself.

-Beck Beverage, 3/2020