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Virtual Classes Functional Strength and Conditioning for Every-body.

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Sessions at Sweet Mo are full body workouts that scale to many different fitness levels. We can provide modifications or variations on every exercise. You can choose the progression that works for your body and your fitness level.

The Sweet Mo Method of Functional Fitness

A holistic training style, meaning, every aspect of the practice is designed to build you up and not break you down. We believe that the hardest or highest intensity aspect of your practice is only as good as the most gentle or restful parts. Our classes include both. Long warm-up time that builds to a highly scale-able combination of strength training and cardio-vascular conditioning. Our teachers are available throughout the class to answer questions or provide modifications so you get the most out of every session.

  • You will be welcomed with open arms. We are an inclusive, Health At Every Size informed, and LGBTQ+ affirming community. Work out with some of the kindest, coolest humans around. 
  • The work you do in class should translate into your life outside of the gym, and leave you feeling more connected to your body. Instead of training to lift a certain amount of weight, or go at a specific speed, we train to move better and with more awareness. We perform exercises that mimic the way we actually move.
  • If you like to travel off the beaten path (just a little), our workouts are for you. Our classes pull the best information from many training methodologies, from traditional callisthenic training and functional training to a variety somatic modalities.
  • We are not a cross-fit box, we don't "sprint 'til we puke", but that doesn't mean you're not in for a challenge! Check out a class to see for yourself!

Two class styles: 

Functional Fitness: Each session is a full body workout that combines functional resistance training and cardio. Gain strength, increase your cardio endurance and activity tolerance, and move in all planes of motion. Appropriate for most ability levels.

Tuesday/Thursday at 6a PST (9a EST)

Wednesday/Friday at 8a PST (11a EST)

Saturday at 9a PST (12p EST)

Mobilize and Integrate: This class is designed to teach you about mobility, flexibility, and mindfulness, and how to integrate what you learn into gentle movement that will translate into the rest of your training, and life outside of the studio. Appropriate for all ability levels and a great complement to all of our training options. A great option for brand-new beginners and long-time Sweet Mo members alike.

Monday/Wednesday at 5p PST (8p EST)


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10 Class Card

$175 3 months to use all 10 sessions
  • Workouts Per WeekNo long term commitment

5 Class Card

$95 3 months to use all 5 sessions
  • Workouts Per WeekNo long term commitment

No-Risk Membership Options

Unlimited membership requires a 3-month initial commitment and then switch to monthly auto-pay after that.

Sliding Scale: The folks who train with us come from many different socioeconomic backgrounds. That's why our Unlimited Virtual Training membership is sliding scale, no questions asked. To take advantage of the sliding scale, please email us. Include the monthly rate that works best for you and we'll set it up on our end.

What you need to participate:

Technically, you don't need any special equipment to have a great session! Sometimes we'll ask you to include common household items or one of the items on the list below. If you need anything, we'll let you know at the beginning of the workout.

We believe training tools should help you connect with your body and permit you to move in all planes of motion.

  • Fitness or yoga mat or a large beach towel.
  • Tennis ball, lacrosse ball, or a pair of balled up socks
  • Yoga blocks or a hardcover book (sometimes we hold them in our hands, others we step on them)
  • Resistance Bands, specifically "mini bands"
  • Push up handles (for anyone who has wrist pain in the "high plank" position or on all fours)
  • A chair (if you prefer modified squats)
  • A hand towel or pillow case
  • A pillow

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