My Reflection on 2017

Dear Sweet Mo Family,

In 2017 we’ve been forced to dig in and work. Many of us reexamined our values, our actions, and the way we impact the world. We reacted to bad news by growing. By deciding to change and to be changed. We decided to resist.

Those of us whose work revolves around promoting justice and equity dug our heels a little deeper. We saw results. We passed groundbreaking legislation, we protested (many of us for the first time), we connected with our neighbors, we stood up for ourselves and for each other. We were compassionate caretakers. For our elders, those less fortunate than us, and for the next generation.

But, we took a bit of a beating, didn’t we? We reacted; we absorbed the trauma, fear, and shock of our co-workers and loved ones. We worked on our days off, through our vacations, and with kiddos crawling on our laps. We didn’t sleep, we didn’t eat enough, and sometimes we drank too much. We traveled a lot. Drove thousands of miles and flew countless hours.

And yet, we came together, even on the toughest of mornings and darkest of evenings, to do another kind of challenging work: To care for our bodies and for each other.

To me, this is the spirit that drives Sweet Momentum. This is a place for leaders and change-makers to build resiliency. To prepare our bodies for the powerful work we do. To go out and facilitate movements, we must love ourselves first. Together, we’ve created an amazing community. A small utopia. A slice of what the world will look like when our work is done.

So, beautiful community, please take some time this week to acknowledge and celebrate the victories we had this year. To all that you have accomplished, the work you’ve done, the impact you’ve had. And then, give yourself a moment to rest, reset, and prepare yourself for the year to come.

I am so excited to see what you create in 2018, and so, so lucky to have you in the family.