Private Sessions

What is possible in a 1:1 session?

Sessions together can include conversation, deep somatic work, movement games and invitations, movement based creative practices and art, nature based invitations, or involve more strenuous physical activities. If we collaborate long enough, we may do some of all of these things.

Here are some of the top reasons why people decide to work together (this is not an exhaustive list!:

  • Explore the relationship between feeling and moving, becoming more or differently "connected" to your body, "coming home" to your body.
  • Develop a movement practice that challenges you in just the right way.
  • Blending movement and creativity, waking creativity/finding inspiration when you're experiencing "artist block" or when you want to be an artist, but don't know how or where to start.
  • Develop a relationship with nature, liminality, and the more-than-human-world.
  • Explore movement and embodiment during/before/after big life changes like gender transition, accidents, recovering from surgery/injury, and after the death of a loved one.
  • Learn how to do something specific when you have pain or a physical limitation, or when you're nervous/scared/overwhelmed/etc.
  • Co-create your solo-movement practice (including functional fitness, somatics, sensory deprivation tanks, and more) or explore new movement activities (guidance as you learn a new movement skill)

I am happy to work in conversation with another practitioner, program, or plan that is important to you.

All sessions happen virtually via the Zoom platform or in-person at my home studio in NE Portland, OR (unceded Cowlitz land).

Session Styles

All sessions are 45-60 minutes long and can happen virtually via the Zoom platform or in-person at my home studio in NE Portland, OR (unceded Cowlitz land).

If you are unsure what you'd like to do during the session, that's okay! We can figure it out together. Book any session type and we'll collaborate in the moment.

Getting Started

To get started, simply book a session! We can use that time to talk about what you're looking for, get to know one another a little bit, and I'll be able to answer any questions you have. If it turns out that it's not a good fit, that's okay! I am happy to help you find clarity around your next step.



Consultations and Movement Practice focused sessions utilize a broad sliding scale.

$50-----$125 (standard rate)-----$150 for a regular session. Schedule a session and add the rate that works for you at checkout or bring cash to your session.

Paying on the higher end of the scale is always appreciated. It makes it feasible for me to do this work in a way that is aligned with my ethics, and to continue to offer sliding scale prices to anyone who needs it.

Please contact me if cost is a barrier for you.  Bartering is also sometimes an option (depending on my current availability). Email me with specific questions:

Programming does not use a sliding scale due to the additional labor required on my end.


Most people choose to come 1-2x/week or monthly, though I also see folks who just schedule when they have specific questions. How long we work together is up to you. Some people only need a few months to get some direction, other folks prefer to work together for years. I leave that decision up to you and will never try to sell or pressure you to do more than you'd like.

In-Person Session Location:

In-person sessions happen in Portland, OR at my indoor home movement studio (250 sqft of open space and a number of movement and creative tools) or in my covered-backyard space if the weather is nice (pictured below). I'll send you the exact address prior to our first in-person session.

My home, outdoor movement space.
My home, outdoor movement space.
Private Embodiment and Somatics Coaching in Portland
Home Studio in NE Portland

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