Small Group Training for All Bodies and Ability Levels Shame-free and welcoming functional fitness in SE Portland.

This December, your first month is only $75! When you sign up to train in Small Groups x2-3 per week (3 month initial commitment required)

About Our Community:

At Sweet Mo, we’re on a mission to revolutionize the fitness industry. To make it kinder, more compassionate, and accessible for people of all different fitness levels, genders, body types, and ages. We listen, we honor the whole you, and we stick to a structure that allows us to meet you exactly where you’re at on any given day. Our Small Group Training sessions are capped at 6 people each, so we can easily provide you with modifications – either more or less advanced based on your body and needs. 

Our training style accommodates all fitness levels and body types. Proper, intentional movement is far more important to us than flashy exercises or heavy weights. We focus on having you connected to how your body feels at every stage of a workout because that’s the key to smart, safe, fitness gains that follow you into every aspect of your life. 

People don’t come to Sweet Mo to get “hotter”; they come to be more effective. The people who train with us are bold, powerful leaders. They are already out there changing the world, and they come here to do the self-care work they don’t otherwise get.  Our community is amazing! Everyone is friendly, open-minded, non-competitive, and will welcome you to the group with open arms.

We are proudly an LGBTQ+ person owned and operated business, and a weight-neutral and HAES informed (health at every size) fitness space. 


How to Get Started:

Schedule a new client consultation!

The consultation is an opportunity for us to get to know each other before your start your training program.

During the 45 minute session, we'll get to know you and what you're looking for, then we'll tell you more about our training programs and answer any questions you have. Next, we'll take care of some new client on-boarding tasks like setting up your membership in our online system, do a quick movement assessment, and make sure you have everything you need to be successful!

To sign up, simply click on the time slot that works for you. A new account login screen will appear. You will be asked to create an account, answer a few questions, and then you can go ahead and schedule your free new client consultation. Please make a note of the friend you're signing up with. We're excited to meet you!


Have questions or concerns before you come in for the first time?

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