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Guided Forest Therapy

Nehalem Bay State Park  Day Trip | 10/22/2022

October marks the beginning of mushroom season here in the PNW and the Oregon Coast is home to some truly magical places to appreciate and connect with the mycelium network! Join me for a (sober) guided forest therapy walk, with some time for socializing or a beach walk at the end.

What is Guided Forest Therapy? Forest therapy or forest bathing is a relational practice that brings people into deeper intimacy with natural places. One of those places is our natural self; it's a practice that holds the possibility of meeting again, the kernel of who we are and what we are born to be and how we are intended to be of service in the world.
Lineage Acknowledgement: Forest Therapy is a modality with roots in the Japanese practice, Shinrin Yoku which directly translates to "forest bathing". The lineage of Forest Therapy I am trained in by the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy is inspired by, but not based on the Japanese techniques of Shinrin Yoku. Our culture is different from Japan's so this practice is designed with our culture and relationships to land in mind, and with respect to Japanese culture and ideology.


What to expect: A forest therapy practice is a series of structured invitations that open our senses and welcome us into a liminal state of being, one of deep presence, embodiment, and remembering what it is like to be nature.
We'll walk .25-.5 mile over the course of 2.5-3 hours. This practice is extremely adaptable for people with all different bodies and ability levels.
This is a structured solo practice, with opportunities throughout to reconnect as a group. We'll reconvene at the end for tea and snacks.
When 11am-3pm, 10/22/2022
Where Nehelam Bay State Park
Cost $1-$250


Social Walks

Social Walk at Mt. Tabor Park

In-Person at Mt. Tabor in Portland, Oregon

Meeting at 8:30am. Walk ends at 9:30, optional time for tea and socializing from 9:30-10.

See Calendar for exact dates offered. Please register in advance so I know who to expect!

Sliding scale or barter $10-25. Cash, produce, and fruit appreciated.

Walk FAQ

Frequency: Weekly drop-ins, see calendar for exact dates.

Weather: We'll meet rain or shine, so come dressed for the weather!

Location: You'll receive the exact meeting location when you register for a walk.

Ability Requirements: Move as much or as little as you'd like during the sessions. Mt Tabor provides a number of paved areas,  dirt trails, and large unpaved open spaces. There are flat areas and areas with a variety of different elevations/surfaces. There are benches and tables throughout the park. If you have specific mobility needs or use a mobility device, please let me know prior to the walk (on your registration form or via email), and I will do my best to find a route or meeting point that is accessible to you.

We will always have a central meeting point that is located on terrain accessible to the entire group.


8:30-8:45 Introduction, check-in, and a brief guided body-scan

8:45-9:30 Walk with optional guided sensory invitation(s)

9:30-10 (optional) Final check-in, time for tea and snacks

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