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Guided Forest Therapy

A nature therapy experience customized for your group.

I love to design and lead custom forest therapy day trips. We can work together to create an experience tailored to your friends, family, or organization. I'll put an experience together that meets the ability needs of your group, and centers around a theme that's important to you. Forest therapy is a great way to be in nature while bonding with other humans in a new and intimate way.

What is Guided Forest Therapy? Forest therapy or forest bathing is a relational practice that brings people into deeper intimacy with natural places. One of those places is our natural self; it's a practice that holds the possibility of meeting again, the kernel of who we are and what we are born to be and how we are intended to be of service in the world.
Lineage Acknowledgement: Forest Therapy is a modality with roots in the Japanese practice, Shinrin Yoku which directly translates to "forest bathing". The lineage of Forest Therapy I am trained in by the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy is inspired by, but not based on the Japanese techniques of Shinrin Yoku. Our culture is different from Japan's so this practice is designed with our culture and relationships to land in mind, and with respect to Japanese culture and ideology.


What to expect: A forest therapy practice is a series of structured invitations that open our senses and welcome us into a liminal state of being, one of deep presence, embodiment, and remembering what it is like to be nature.
We'll walk .25-.5 mile over the course of 2.5-3 hours. This practice is extremely adaptable for people with all different bodies and ability levels.
This is a structured solo practice, with opportunities throughout to reconnect as a group. We'll reconvene at the end for tea and snacks.

Contact me to schedule a time to talk details!


Custom Workshops

Let's design a workshop or training for your group or business.

Let's collaborate to build a workshop, class, or training for your friends, students, or co-workers. Contact me and we can explore what's possible.


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