Online Training Offerings All fitness levels, genders, body types and ages are welcome!

A New Approach to Fitness Workouts and Community You'll Look Forward To

Sweet Mo means doing fitness a little bit differently. Our community believes your workout should build you up, not break you down, and that movement should be accessible for people of all different fitness levels, genders, body-types, and ages. Every time we meet, we honor the whole you, and stick to a structure that allows us to meet you exactly where you’re at on any given day.

Our training style accommodates all fitness levels and body-types. Proper, intentional movement is far more important to us than flashy exercises or heavy weights. We are NOT a barbell or CrossFit gym. We focus on teaching you to connect to how your body feels at every stage of a workout because that’s the key to a smart practice that will follow you into every aspect of your life.

People don’t come to Sweet Mo to get “hotter”; they come to be more effective and more in tune. Our community is diet-free and Health at Every Size informed. We respect everyone's goals, but our training does not focus on aesthetics.

We are proudly a transgender and queer person owned and operated business.

Train at Home Find an at home fitness practice that works for you.

Live Classes Workout at home with our welcoming community

These classes are being offered by at a sliding scale and are open everyone. You do not need to be a current member of our community to join in! Classes are 40-60 minutes long.

We're offering our two signature class styles, Functional Fitness and Mobilize & Integrate

What you need: These workouts won't require any additional equipment (unless you have tools or props you know that you'd like to use). That said, make sure you have water, and lay out a mat if you have one!

Private Training Work one on one with one of our expert trainers.

Private training sessions are 30-45 minutes long. We create a custom program based on your goals and unique body.

Sessions are held over the platform. Join using the camera on your phone, tablet, or computer.

Every Workout Tailored to Your Needs
We have experience training people

  • starting an exercise program after a long time away from fitness. Begin with personal training and then move to classes if/when you’re ready.
  • recovering from injuries or surgery. We can coordinate with your physical therapist to design your program.
  • with autoimmune diseases and other chronic conditions
  • coming to fitness for the first time
  • training to get ready for a specific event or sport
  • during all stages of gender transition—including youth

To begin, schedule a new client consultation. We'll email you the meeting info within 12 hours.

Custom Programming A program tailored to your goals and interests

We can write a fitness program tailored to your goals, body, and the training tools you have access to.

Our programs are comprehensive and include

  • Warm Ups and Cool Downs for each training session
  • 4 weeks-3 months of workouts
  • Rest day and active recovery plans
  • Video demonstrations of each exercise
  • A complementary consultation
  • Option for weekly or monthly check-ins from your trainer

Price varies based on what you want out of a training program (number training days, length of program, etc.)

Done for you home programs 4-6 week programs with minimal or no equpitment

Learn/Connect/Explore | Our most comprehensive home program

This is a guided 6 week program designed by our training team that will challenge you to stay connected to your body while you challenge yourself and maximize your fitness from the comfort of your own home.

  • 3 distinct total-body workouts that use minimal equipment and are easy to do in whatever space you have.
  • Dedicated warm-up and cool-down videos—including a foam rolling tutorial, so each workout session is the most effective it can be.
  • Movement breakdown videos that show each move in detail. No more guessing if you’re performing a move correctly. Each movement breakdown includes progressions to make moves easier or harder so you can tailor each workout to your specific needs.
  • A PDF guide to the program (not sure what this will be yet so description to follow)

Appropriate for most ability levels, must be able to get up and down off of the ground.

Price: $34

Our Basic At-Home Program

This is a full body fitness routine that will help you move and connect to your body at home or any time you're away from the studio and would like to get a workout in.

Each workout will get your heart-rate up, have you move in all planes of motion, and challenge your strength, proprioception, cardio, and balance/stability.

  • These workouts can be progressed/regressed to meet you where you're at, regardless of how you show up to your movement practice on any given day.
  • No equipment needed, but TRX options are provided for those who have one at home.
  • Each exercise has progressions and regressions so you can manage the level of difficulty

Appropriate for most ability levels

What you get:

  • 3 workouts you can do anywhere, plus a full body warm up
  • Videos of each exercise

Price: $15

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