Case Study: Jesse Tishkoff

When you joined the Sweet Mo community, what were your initial goals?

I wanted to feel stronger and more flexible. I decided to start working out because I wanted to build a more masculine body and felt that this type of practice would help me reach my goals.  

Why did you join Sweet Momentum instead of other gyms?

I was determined to find a gym that I would feel safe and welcome at. Sweet Momentum is the first gym I’ve ever been to that I have felt comfortable working out at.

What is it like to be part of the Sweet Mo community?

It’s AWESOME! I can’t say enough good things about Beck! He is an amazing trainer. It is so awesome to see familiar faces as well as meet new ones! As a queer/trans person, it was awesome to see some folks that look like me too!

What does your fitness practice make possible in life outside of the gym?

It has helped with my energy levels and endurance. I walk dogs for a living, and it can be hard on my body. Working out at Sweet Mo has kept me in good shape!

Has anything happened that you didn’t expect?

Building friendships with people in the community!