Case Study: Injury Recovery

What made you decide to start a fitness practice?

I had been dealing for a few years with a debilitating back injury and after back surgery was looking to find a place to regain my strength as well as a place that I enjoyed and would be able to commit to consistently. As a former college athlete and very competitive person, I was looking to find a gym that would be able to help me regain my athleticism, deal with work stress and not have to feel self conscious as I worked myself back from injury into being fit and strong.

What made you choose Sweet Momentum Fitness over other gyms?

I was initially intrigued by the TRX and the small class settings, but quickly after my first class I was confident in Beck and other trainers knowledge of both strength training and body mobility curriculum. Plus it was a lot of fun, with the workouts changing daily so I never got bored. The small class sizes are really wonderful, as you get personalized attention, but also get to workout with other people and encourage and push each other.

What is it like to be a part of the Sweet Mo community?

Every person that I have worked out with at this gym has been friendly and supportive. The trainers are able to push or quickly substitute any exercise so that people of all fitness levels or injuries can truly walk out the door each workout having been given the opportunity to feel successful and accomplish their own personal goals. This place is a safe space, full of interesting, positive people who will support you and also allow you to thrive.

What does your fitness practice make possible in life outside of the gym?

The days I work out at Sweet Mo makes the rest of my day SO much better. I not only feel stronger and like I accomplished something but, also, my mobility and back pain is at such a lower level, which truly makes me a happier person at work and at home (just ask my husband!).

Sweet Mo has also become a place of refuge to work out job stress. During a recent job change, the gym became the one constant I looked forward to – to keep me sane and balanced.

I’ve also seen physical results, muscles coming back, increased ability to do the things I love outdoors including tough hikes, snowshoeing up mountains and starting to run again with much more ease and less pain. After struggling for years with back pain, it makes me excited again about doing even simple things pain free in my life. Plus…I love feeling strong again!