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The Revolutionary Potential of Movement


Many of you have heard me talk about my incredibly powerful and profound friend Joni who is the founder of Future Prairie, an artist collective “built around a distinct aesthetic that interweaves the futurist values of artists working within and inspired by the ethos of futurism with the needs of their…

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On Burnout


Hey Sweet Mo Family! I just got back in town after almost an entire week of rest and relaxation on Orcas Island. Amy, my Mom, and I camped at gorgeous, serene, Moran State Park. It was my first time there, and I loved everything about the San Juan Islands: The…

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On Having a Body in the Fitness Industry


The fitness industry is a bizarre world. Sometimes, it doesn’t feel real. It’s an industry that gives us license to compare ourselves to those around us; one that expects, exploits, and banks on our self-loathing. This is also a business obsessed with the most hegemonic gender ideals. Sweet Mo runs…

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My Reflection on 2017


Dear Sweet Mo Family, In 2017 we’ve been forced to dig in and work. Many of us reexamined our values, our actions, and the way we impact the world. We reacted to bad news by growing. By deciding to change and to be changed. We decided to resist. Those of…

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Running Tip #1: Foot Placement


When you think “running,” do you automatically think “pain”? Does just the prospect of jogging across the parking lot bring a tear to your eye? If yes, then you GOTTA check out Sy’s tips on proper running form. Simple things—like foot placement—can make a giant difference in your running performance, and in how your body feels.…

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5 Basic Movements – Looks Easy, But…


Workouts don’t have to be complicated to be effective. In fact, some of the most effective—and the most challenging—workouts are those that seem the simplest. Then, when your arms and legs are trembling, there’s only one thing to do: smile at your brazen confidence and keep on pushing! 🙂 This…

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