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Moving for Resilience


Hey Everybody! Somehow it’s July and it has been way too long since our last article The team and I are hanging in. We’re seeing so many beloved local businesses close and as we mourn those losses, we feel so blessed that our community is still in tact after four…

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Self-myofascial Release for a More Complete Relationship to Your Body


By Beck Beverage I’ve had a consistent self-myofascial release practice for the past year. I’ve amassed a collection of cool tools, techniques, and have designed some excellent sequences for almost every part of the body (let me know if you’d like me to talk more about this). I got interested…

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On Gendering the Body: Thoughts for Practitioners


We’re wrapping up transgender awareness week as I’m writing this. It’s been in the back of my mind all week, and it just occurred to me what I want to talk about. This article is geared towards practitioners of all kinds, but I think the main ideas are applicable for…

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A new and different way to think about exercise progression.


Hey Everybody! If you’ve been to a few of our classes, you’ve probably noticed that the way we progress exercises is a little bit different than at other gyms. Namely, we don’t usually advance exercises by adding weight to a bar, or by holding a heavier dumbbell. We do other…

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No pain no gain? The Sweet Mo Guide to pain during exercise.


Hey Everybody! Recently we’ve had a few great conversations in class about pain during exercise. We realized we’ve been asked a few similar questions in regards to how to approach pain during a workout. Contrary to your high school gym coach or overly enthusiastic boot-camp instructor, fitness is not about…

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The Revolutionary Potential of Movement


Many of you have heard me talk about my incredibly powerful and profound friend Joni who is the founder of Future Prairie, an artist collective “built around a distinct aesthetic that interweaves the futurist values of artists working within and inspired by the ethos of futurism with the needs of their…

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