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Sweet Mo means doing fitness a little bit differently. Every aspect of the Sweet Mo fitness practice is designed to build you up and not break you down. We believe that the hardest or highest intensity aspect of your practice is only as good as the most restful. Our training method combines the best of multiple movement modalities, from traditional calisthenics to somatic practices.

  • We can work with you to create a practice that supports you in all aspects of life. Proper, intentional movement is far more important to us than flashy exercises or heavy weights. We are NOT a barbell or CrossFit gym. We focus on teaching you to connect to how your body feels at every stage of a workout because that’s the key to a smart practice that will follow you into every aspect of your life. Fitness is more than just picking up heavy stuff or sprinting til you puke. It's an incredible tool to learn body attunement, train your brain (IE training for neuroplasticity), and reduce stress.
  • We are a Health at Every Size and diet-free space. It's true, bodies change when they move consistently. Counter to popular  narratives, sometimes those changes are visible and sometimes they're not. What's more important than how your body looks, is how you feel when you're moving, and what it makes possible for you in life.
  • At the end of the day, functional fitness is just a container for a bigger exploration. This practice is one of connecting to your body and to your movement, wherever you are right now, in this moment. When you are connected, you are present, and when you are present, you are your most powerful.

We are proudly a transgender and queer person owned and operated business, and are committed to anti-racism as part of our business model.

Meet Our Teachers Upbeat. Knowledgeable. Caring.

Beck Beverage, Owner (They/Them, He/Him) Credentials and Interests

Beck Beverage, Sweet Mo Owner

Beck is a movement educator who's teaching style is best summarized as "embodied movement coaching". Beck is a Corrective Exercise Specialist, Reembody Certified Apprentice Practitioner, Certified Personal Trainer, and the Owner of Sweet Mo.

Beck’s coaching style is gentle, kind, and embodiment focused. They believe that movement is a the best tool you can harness to be more connected to the body you have, instead of focusing on the body you want. Sessions with Beck are collaborative, exploratory, and great for anyone who likes to venture off the beaten path.

Beck loves to work with people who want to use movement to be more present and their bodies and in the world, and folks who feel self-conscious about working out or movement in general. Many of Beck's clients come to them because they feel "disconnected", "can't feel anything", or because movement just "doesn't feel right". People who seek embodiment focused coaching have often tried many different approaches without success, and are ready for a different approach.

Beck has lots of experience working with transgender adults and youth and is particularly interested in supporting folks as they transition. Beck is very knowledgeable about binding harm reduction and training pre and post gender affirming surgery. They also have experience working with folks who have auto-immune conditions, chronic pain, and folks who come from a wide variety of ability levels and backgrounds.

Beck has completed specialty education in the Reembody Method, TRX training methodology, Dynamic Variable Resistance Training, Loaded Integrated Functional Training, the Bio-mechanics Method, and more. They also have a Bachelor’s of Science from Portland State University. They have extensive knowledge of trauma informed care and creating inclusive spaces.

What environment do you strive to create in your sessions?

I’m passionate about creating a relationship with my clients where everyone feels empowered, celebrated, supported, regardless of ability level, fitness background, body-type, or gender. I love working with people who are curious and ready to explore all of the facets of moving and being in a body. It’s also important to me that people feel free to be themselves. If there is ever anything I can do to facilitate that, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Beck currently has a wait-list for new clients who are interested in embodiment coaching or functional movement coaching.. Books will open again in May. Contact them to be added to the wait-list. You'll be notified when space is open!

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